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Ring name: "The Last Warrior" Greywolf
Real Name: withheld per request
Birthday: November 12, 1981

Height:  approx. 5'11 U.S.

Weight: 16.4 Stones (appro. 235 lbs. U.S.)

Hometown: The Kingdom of Fire and Ice

Finishing Move: His patented "Bed of Nails" Powerslam

Signature Moves: "The Pit and the Pendulum" (a combination rib-breaker into a fall-away slam), Flying Shoulder Tackle, Triple Elbow Drop

Background: Egill was schooled from the time he was a lad in several forms of both armed and unarmed martial combat. Skilled on horseback also, he is an adept at equestrian combat. He has mastered the art of combat with Sword and Axe, and also is extremely dangerous when armed with a flail, halberd, spear, dagger, mace, or any other such weapon. At the age of 18, he followed in the footsteps of his forefathers and earned the rightful title of "Sir" being knighted in the art of combat with a title that only the stoutest of warriors can come to claim. He lives his life and bears into battle a philophy of ere gone warriors, an archaic practice that has earned him the name "The Last Warrior." He now has traveled to and resides in the United States where his goal is to achieve glory in the professional wrestling ring. 

Companies worked/currently working for: 

OTW (Old Time Wrestling) - NJ

DCW (Dynamite Championship Wrestling) - DE (Debut 4/25/09 Hartly, DE) - Current

1CW (First State Championship Wrestling) - DE (Debut 7/23/10 Lewes,DE) - 2/19/11

ACPW ( American Championship Pro Wrestling) - PA (Debut 8/28/10 Philadelphia,PA) - Current

PPW (Power Pro Wrestling) - DE (Debut 9/25/10 Ellendale,DE) - Current

WWWA (World Wide Wrestling Alliance) - PA (Debut 3/12/11 Gilbertsville,PA) - Current

SWO (Susquehanna Wrestling Organization) - PA (Debut 3/26/11 Lancaster,PA) - Current

EWA (Eastern Wrestling Alliance) - MD (Debut 5/22/11 Baltimore,MD) - Current

AWF (A Wrestling Federation) - PA (Debut 10/15/11 Allentown,PA) - Current
LCW (Lancaster Championship Wrestling) - PA (Debut 01/01/12 Lancaster,PA) - Current

Titles Held:
3-time OTW Tag Team Champion
1-time OTW Heavyweight Champion (note: "The Last Warrior" was the only wrestler in OTW to ever hold both the OTW Heavyweight and OTW Tag Team Title at the same time. At this time, his partner also held the OTW Jr. Heavyweight title.)
2-Time DCW "No Limits" Champion 
1-time DCW Tag team Champion W/ Andrew "The Apostle" Steele
1 time-WWWA Intercontinental Champion
1-time SWO Heavyweight Champion
1-time DCW Heavyweight Champion